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Handling of Personal Information in Inquiries

【Business Operator's Name and Personal Information Protection Manager】
DENTSU LIVE INC. Personal information manager: Corporate Unit Manager (
【Purposes of Use of Personal Information】
The personal information you enter will be used to respond to your inquiries.
【Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties】
We will not disclose personal information acquired about you to third parties without your consent unless required to do so by law.
【Outsourcing of Handling of Personal Information】
We may outsource all or part of the handling of personal information we have acquired.
【Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure, and Where to Contact about It】
If you ask us to do so, we will do the following regarding personal information we hold about you that is subject to disclosure: give notification of its purposes of use; disclose it; revise it; add to or delete from it; suspend the use of it; or delete it entirely (hereinafter referred to as "disclosure, etc."). The following is where to contact about disclosure, etc.

● For inquiries about personal information and disclosure, etc.:
DENTSU LIVE INC. Personal Information Protection Consultation Helpline

【Personal Information Security Management Measures】
We will take the necessary and appropriate security management measures regarding the personal information we have acquired, including to prevent and correct leakage of, loss of, or damage to it.
【Optional Nature of Providing Personal Information】
Entering personal information is optional. However, please understand that if you do not enter the required information, we may be unable to answer your inquiry.
【Privacy Policy】
Please see here for more information about our privacy policy.