Dentsu Live Inc. sees its corporate mission as providing superior service and contributing broadly to society as a one-stop producer encompassing planning, design, direction, production, operation, and integration with digital marketing, using specialists and our collective knowhow as the largest event specialty company in Japan.

In addition, as a company engaged in communications, we strive to ensure appropriate handling of information based on respect for human rights and compliance with the law. We recognize in particular the importance of and necessity for protection of personal information among all the information we deal with.

Therefore, we will act to ensure proper handling of personal information by all members of the board and executive officers and employees through a personal information protection management system based on the following.

1. Acquisition, use, and provision of personal information
We acquire personal information solely by proper and fair measures and use it only within the scope necessary to achieve the objective of its use. We do not use personal information for purposes other than the objective for which it was acquired. Moreover, we do not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of its owner. To thoroughly implement these arrangements, we have put in place a management system for personal information protection to confirm proper operation and conduct internal reviews. Personal information may be disclosed without the consent of its owner if requested by court order, the police or other public authorities.

2. Compliance
Operation of the personal information protection management system will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, its related guidelines and other statues.

3. Implementation of safety measures for personal information protection
We will appoint an administrator responsible for protecting personal information to avoid leakage, destruction or impairment of such information, while building a safety control system to ensure appropriate personal information management. Office entry and exit will be supervised, safety measures will be taken for computer systems, and the following measures will be implemented to ensure the safety and proper management of personal information.

i. Managing alliance partners (including outsourcers)
When submitting personal information to third parties other than our company for business purposes, we limit the recipients to those who acknowledge safety for personal information protection as per the standards stipulated in our rules.
ii. Overseeing employees
Personal information protection is handled by a dedicated manager in charge of the personal information protection system. We will ensure that all of our employees appreciate the importance of personal information protection and take sufficient care in handling personal information.
iii. Taking corrective and preventive measures
We will carry out internal reviews and regular checkups on managed items to ensure timely rectification and prevention of mishaps in handling of personal information. In the case of an accident involving personal information, we will promptly take countermeasures to prevent the damage from spreading, identify the cause of the accident and take preventive measures to avoid recurrence of the accident.

4. Complaints and consultation regarding handling of personal information
We have established a personal information consultation office as the contact for receiving and promptly addressing complaints and consultations regarding personal information. We will work constantly to improve our personal information protection management system based on the received complaints and consultations.

5. Continuous improvement of personal information protection management system
We will continuously review and improve the personal information protection management system, taking into consideration shifts in social conditions, the working environment and other issues, while conducting regular internal audits. We will strive to ensure protection of personal information in accordance with the aforementioned policies and guidelines.