We, DENTSU LIVE INC., are the largest specialist event and space production company in Japan, and through the expert personnel and know-how we have accordingly amassed, we provide high-level production services as a one-stop shop for everything from planning to design, staging, fabrication, operation, and even integration with digital marketing. Our corporate mission is to contribute to society in a broad range of ways.

Also, we strive to handle information appropriately, approaching it with a strong awareness of the need to respect human rights and comply with the law. In particular, of all the information we handle, we regard personal information as a kind that we must be extremely aware of the necessity and importance of protecting.

Accordingly, we operate a management system for protecting personal information based on the following protection policy, and through it, all our officers and employees work together to ensure that personal information is handled appropriately.

1. Acquiring, using, and providing personal information
We will only acquire personal information by means that are lawful and fair, and only use it to the extent necessary to achieve its purposes of use. We will not use personal information for anything other than the purposes that it was acquired for. Furthermore, we will not disclose personal information to third parties without the consent of the individuals concerned. To ensure that this is thoroughly adhered to, we will devise a management system related to protecting personal information, check that it is operating properly, and conduct internal audits. However, we may provide personal information without the consent of the individuals concerned if required to disclose it by law or by the courts, the police, or a similar public agency.

2. Compliance with laws, regulations, etc.
In operating the personal information protection management system, we will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and any guidelines and other rules related to it.

3. Implementing security measures for protecting personal information
In order to thoroughly prevent leakage of, loss of, or damage to personal information when we handle it, we will manage it appropriately by appointing a manager responsible for its protection and establishing a security management system for it. In addition to measures to control access to our business premises, keep our computer systems secure, etc., we will also manage everyone’s personal information appropriately and strive to protect it by taking the following measures.

4. Complaints and inquiries about the handling of personal information
We will establish a “Personal Information Protection Consultation Team” as a point of contact for complaints, consultations, etc. regarding the handling of personal information, and thereby respond to them promptly. We will also strive to improve the personal information protection management system based on the complaints, consultations, etc.

5. Continuous improvement of the personal information protection management system
We will conduct periodic internal audits of the handling of personal information and its protection management system and continuously review and improve them, taking into account changes in the social situation, environment, etc.

We will protect personal information in accordance with the above policy.

Public Announcement Regarding Personal Information(PDF)

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Formulated:January 4, 2017
Last revised:January 1, 2021
President and Representative Director
Masahiko Takagi